Water Lines

Water Line Repair and Installation

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Water Lines American Water Supplies

Water Line Repair and Installation

American Water can install any type of water lines needed.  It can be from small residential lines from a water meter or well to a home to large municipal lines that provide water to subdivisions, communities and towns.  We keep a large inventory of pipe and fittings to handle any installation or repair.  In addition we have multiple pieces of equipment from excavators, skid steers, and backhoes to install traditional water lines.  In addition we have a directional drill that will allow us to install lines under driveways, roads, steep terrain, or landscaping without an open trench.  We also have a vacuum excavator that uses jetted water and a large vacuum to dig holes.  This is typically done in areas where conventional digging may damage other utilities or where it is normal equipment can’t get.

In addition to just installing water lines we can install large backflow devices and vaults, sewer mains and sewer lift stations.  We also have 2 certified backflow testers that can test any device we install or repair.

Leak Detection

In the event you have a leak that does not surface or you just can’t find American Water has the tools to help.  We have a special unit set up with equipment to find these leaks.  We have special listening devices that magnifies the sounds in the ground and can help filter out the sounds of spraying water so they can be pinpointed.  Another method we may try is adding a combination of air and helium to the lines.  Many times the air alone will increase the sound of the leak making it easier to find and if that still doesn’t work we add some helium into the mic.  Helium is so light it comes straight up out of the ground where a leak is occurring. We use special equipment that detects the helium to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.