Backflow Prevention

Public drinking water management is at the heart of backflow prevention systems. A proper backflow prevention system is extremely important in making sure water supplies are not contaminated. Thousands of toxic substances are used in homes, businesses, and industries. These substances along with water-borne diseases have the potential to create a disaster if allowed to enter a public water system. Public water systems are required by state and federal law to implement a backflow program to prevent this from happening. As part of that law, all non-residential customers are required to install some form of testable backflow device on every connection to a public water system.

The type of device to be installed depends on the degree of hazard the water customer poses to the water system. The water supplier will decide what type of device is needed for each type of connection and will have certain criteria for installing the device. Once installed and then at least once a year the device must be tested to make sure it is working properly by a licensed tester.

American Water Specialties, Inc provides backflow testing and repair that is essential for drinking water management in North Georgia. We have a state-licensed tester and are an approved tester for a number of public water systems throughout North Georgia.  Rest assured you are working with a full-service Water Management Operator.  Should a device fail a test we can make any needed repair or replacement of that device. We would appreciate the opportunity to give you a quote on performing your backflow tests. If you do not see us on the approved testing list for your community or city it just means we have not tested in that area before. Please contact us and let us know you are interested and we will get added to that approved list and give you a quote.